Anthony Missen awarded Clore Leadership Fellowship

8 July 2016

We’re delighted to announce that Company Chameleon Co-Artistic Director Anthony Missen has been named as a fellow of the Clore Leadership Programme 2016/2017.

The Clore Leadership Programme awards 25 Clore Fellowships annually to exceptional individuals from across the arts and cultural sector. These chosen individuals undertake a year of courses, workshops and projects alongside personal and professional development tutorials to develop and inspire their leadership qualities.

Ahead of Anthony beginning his fellowship this Autumn we catch up with him to get his thoughts on the busy and exciting 12 months ahead.

Q.1. What do you hope to gain from the fellowship?

Despite being placed in positions of leadership for many years, I have had no specific leadership training. Much of my understanding has been instinctual, or from trial and error. I hope the Fellowship helps me analyse my approach, and question how, why and what I communicate, gaining greater confidence in the relevance of my voice, my views and perspectives. I hope it will help me to make strong and positive contributions to the development of dance, and of arts here in the UK and further afield. I want to grow my understanding of the sector in which I work, in terms of business models and structures, policy, social impact, health and wellbeing, and to uncover how dance sits in wider frameworks.

Q.2. What are you looking forward to most?

I am mostly looking forward to the challenge. My greatest learning has always come when I am on the edge of what is comfortable for me- that really uncomfortable sink or swim place. I know the Clore will challenge me and my thinking in a way I haven’t experienced before, so as nervous as I may be, this is also what I am looking forward to most, and all the learning that comes with it.

Q.3. What makes a good leader in your mind?

For me a good leader is someone who inspires confidence, who leads by example, and creates a supportive and positive environment in which to work. It is someone who will make informed decisions, but is also open to the viewpoint of others. It is someone who is aware what is happening in a room, and has the sensitivity to respond accordingly.

Follow Anthony’s Clore journey at @chameleon_info, @MissenAnthony & @CloreLeadership

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