Kevin stars in new BBC series

30 September 2016

We’re excited to announce that our co-Artistic Director, Kevin Edward Turner, stars in Going Back Giving Back, a new television series, which premieres on BBC One this week.

In each episode of Going Back Giving Back, presenter, Aled Jones, accompanies someone on a journey back through their personal history as they seek out a way to ‘give something back’.

In between his current busy rehearsal schedule for Witness, our new production, which premieres and tours the UK this month, Kevin tells us more about taking part in the programme.

Q.1. Tell us about Going Back Giving Back
Going Back Giving Back is what it says on the tin. It is a programme where people go back to their past, and then meet someone who they can give to and help in the present. There are some fascinating stories in the series that are both heart-warming and inspiring to watch.

Q.2. Why did you decide to take part in the programme?
Launching Chameleon Youth, our new youth dance company this year, really made me look back at my own journey into dance, and appreciate the support I received as a young dancer from my family, teachers and mentors. With this in my mind, when I was first contacted by the programme, I really liked the idea of helping a young artist in their development, as I know from first-hand experience how valuable it is to feel supported in the early days of your career.


Q.3. What did the filming involve?
It involved me going back to places I danced in my youth and meeting my Mum, first dance teacher and the people that were important to me in my creative development. I also got to meet Yandass, a wonderful young artist and talk with her about her life and ideas. It involved going places, meeting people and having lovely conversations – all whilst being filmed. The being filmed part was a bit odd at first, but after a while, you forgot you were on camera and that the film crew were even there.

Q.4. What did you enjoy most?
Most definitely meeting Yandass, I find her story and her desire to want to better herself really inspiring – watch the programme to find out more!

Q.5.  What did you find most challenging?
The challenging thing was having to repeat what you had just said. Sometimes we would have to re-shoot the situation again and the director would say “can you say what you just said?”, and because I had just been talking and responding to the question, it was hard to remember exactly what I had just said! That aside, it was a brilliant experience that I very much enjoyed, and it was really quite special to be given the opportunity to ‘go back’ and ‘give back’.

Don’t miss Kevin star in episode 8 of Going Back Giving Back on BBC One on Weds 12 Oct at 3:45pm.

See Kevin perform in Witness, Company Chameleon’s new production, of which he is Director and Choreographer, at tour venues across the UK from Weds 19 Oct. Read more about Witness, including full tour dates, here.


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