Q & A with Miguel Marin – Composer

13 October 2016

It is now less than a week until the World Premiere of Witness in Plymouth. Before the show hits the road we head into the studio to catch up with the creative team who are helping to bring the show to stage. This week, we talk to Composer, Miguel Marin, about his relationship with the company, creative process and work on Witness.

Q.1. How did you first get into music and composition?

Well, I started playing drums at the age of 8. Later I got into writing music for film and contemporary dance and have continued for the last 15 years!

Q.2. What is your creative process?

We’ll start to talk about the themes of the work before I come to visit the company, so this is really the starting point. I always like being in the studio with Kevin, Anthony and the dancers, this is what really inspires me. Being in the studio is the perfect opportunity to watch what they’re doing, and to talk more about what the piece needs in terms of music and sound.

Q.3. What is interesting about Witness to you and how will you add to the production?

I’m really pleased to be working with Kevin again, and I look forward to seeing what ideas he portrays in the piece. For me what’s most interesting is how the company are approaching such a delicate and fragile subject matter. Seeing how people with mental ill-health are treated by ‘normal’ people, and how that is put down into movements, that’s what I find most exciting.

Q.4. Finally, what are your top tips for an aspiring composer?

Make the most of the energy that comes from being in the studio, whether working in dance, film or another genre. Take the time to absorb the material and concept of the work, and allow this to take you into a very personal world.

The World Premiere of Witness takes place on Weds 19 Oct at The House at Plymouth University. We then tour the work to Studio B, Falmouth University (Fri 21 Oct); The Arts Centre, Edge Hill University (Tues 25 Oct); Mumford Theatre, Cambridge (Weds 2 Nov) and Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal (Sat 12 Nov), before heading home to Manchester for two nights at The Lowry, Salford Quays (Tues 29 & Weds 30 Nov).

Find out more about Miguel and his work here: www.miguel-marin.com.

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