Cuba Calling

12 March 2019

Kevin gets men dancing at the Havana Biennial.

This April, Kevin, our Co-Artistic Director, is leading a unique intergenerational men’s dance project in Cuba. Directed by renowned international artist, Humberto Vélez, Kevin will work with different mens’ groups over two weeks to devise a dance piece, which will be performed at the Havana Biennial on 13 April.

Kevin said, “It is the first time I have worked in Cuba and artistically it will be exciting to work in a different context and culture with a different approach to dance and movement.  I’ll be working with men of different ages and backgrounds to create a new outdoor choreography, which looks at masculinity and how men think about dance. The project promises to be a great cultural exchange of ideas.”

Last month, as part of the initial research phase of the project, Kevin had the opportunity to meet the men who will be taking part in the project under the direction of Humberto. The participants are from a range of different men’s groups including a young fencing group, a youth orchestra, a classical singing ensemble, a go-go dancing troupe and cabaret dancing group from Club Tropicana.

Together the group will take part in a creative process, which will explore how different male generations understand their body and dance, and what men think and feel about dancing in public.

The finished choreography will be performed on the streets of old Havana as part of the opening ceremony at the Biennial.

Kevin said, “I’m really looking forward to bringing something fresh and new to what is a prestigious international arts event. In terms of challenges, there is of course the language barrier but there will be a translator.  Plus, the great thing about dance is that it transcends cultures and brings people together through the universal language of movement. This should make for a deeper shared experience and a richer end choreography.”


Kevin will be in Cuba during the first two weeks of April. Look out for updates on our social.  Find out more about the Havana Biennial here.  Find out more about the project director, Humberto Vélez, here.  The project is supported by Greater Manchester Combined Authority programme and the Behind The Wall public art project, Havana Biennial 2019. 

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