Q&A with dancer Joshua Smith

15 July 2019

This Summer, we’ve welcomed dancer Joshua Smith to the team.  Here we catch up with Joshua to find out more about his dance career so far, and what appealed to him about working with Company Chameleon.

1) Where are you from? Where did you grow up?
I’m from a place called Frimley in Surrey.

2) Tell us about your dance story.
I got into dance when I was 16, like most boys! It was my dance teacher at the time who inspired me because I was really flunking at school and not paying much attention – she managed to pull me in just at the right time. She helped me apply for Trinity Laban when I was 17 and encouraged me through the audition. I was lucky enough to get in and trained there for 3 years. As I graduated I was picked up by a company and have worked ever since!

3) What is your favourite memory from your dance career so far?
My favourite memories are always the ones performing in legendary theatre spaces. I was lucky enough to perform at the main stage of Sadlers Wells and that will always be such a huge achievement for me. Performing at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh was a huge thing for me too. Working with the amount of companies I’ve been able to work with has been a real pleasure too!

4) What appealed to you about working with Company Chameleon?
Company Chameleon have been on my radar of years – it was a very conscious decision to put myself forward for the audition. Push has always been a really legendary piece in my eyes so its been incredible to learn it and then take it on tour this summer. The movement language and style of Chameleon has always really spoken to me – the partner work would draw any dancer in. It’s been a pleasure to travel and tour with the company!

5) How have you found your Chameleon dance experiences so far?
Performing Witness This in Granada, Spain was a wonderful opportunity and I loved performing Push at Dancin’ Oxford as well.  So far, I’ve had the best time with the company enjoying every moment of the work and shows. I am beyond grateful for everyone’s patience, care and general company vibe. Look forward to doing more shows with you guys!

Thanks for talking to us Joshua, we look forward to you dancing with us again soon.

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Thank you to everyone who comes to watch us perform and for all your wonderful comments and feedback!