The Saturday Sessions Are Back

10 September 2019

The Saturday Sessions – our fun, physical and interactive programme of dance classes for young people, age 7 to 16, return for Autumn 2019

The perfect way to start the weekend, these energetic and engaging sessions invite young people to get moving and explore their creativity.

Taking place in our home dance studio in Openshaw, Manchester, the sessions are delivered by the Company’s professional dance artists and offer participants the chance to discover Chameleon’s unique movement style and develop their dance technique and creative skills.

Youth dance is one of our passions at Company Chameleon. Our Co-founders, Kevin and Anthony, both started dance classes in their teens, and their story is an uplifting example of how the art form has the power to truly change lives.

When the pair met at Trafford Youth Dance Theatre in the mid 1990s neither of them could have ever imagined the success story that lay ahead – that they would both go on to dance for some of the most innovative dance companies and choreographers in the world before setting up their own dance company in their home city of Manchester.

Seeing first-hand how dance changed their own lives, Kevin and Anthony have always been strong advocates for dance and passionate about creating opportunity for the next generation to get involved in dance, including those young men that may think it’s not for them!

No matter what your level of dance experience, we’re shouting out to young people, age 7 to 16, to join us for the sessions and to give dance a go.  The great thing thing about Chameleon’s dance style is that it’s super accessible, anyone can do it, and it’s also loads of fun!

Find out more and book a place on The Saturday Sessions Autumn Term programme here.

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"10 was such a wonderful experience - I cant wait to see more of your incredible work!" "Effortless grace, strength, humour and athleticism - a visual treat!" "We brought 65 young people to your performance tonight - every single one loved it! What an amazing show!" "This show reminded me why I dance and what I’m constantly working towards! Thank you for this experience!" "Such beauty in the small moments of this show - please don't stop doing what you’re doing"

Thank you to everyone who comes to watch us perform and for all your wonderful comments and feedback!