Reopening Update

28 October 2020

Following the government announcement on Saturday 31st October, we have delayed our return and the phased reopening of Chameleon Studios. 

We have been working to ensure the building is COVID secure, which means that when we do reopen, we can hit the ground running with implementing procedures to keep our team and visitors safe.

Below are further details on how this will be achieved. In the meantime, look out for announcements here on our website and on social media, about our return and reopening. Thanks for your support and keep safe x

Guidelines for working & dancing safely at Chameleon Studios

The  following key points from our Covid policies act as guidance on the safety measures that will be put in place to ensure Chameleon Studios is a safe space to dance and work.  When we reopen, all visitors will receive information about our Covid procedures in advance to visiting the building.

Cleaning programme
A new and additional cleaning programme will see contract cleaning increased and all high touch points across the building regularly cleaned and sanitised.

Personal belongings
Staff and visitors’ coats, scarfs, hats and other outdoor items will be stored separately in a designated area, to ensure contact is avoided between people’s personal items.

Wearing a mask
Staff and visitors will enter the building wearing a Facemask and will continue to wear a mask when travelling around the building.

Wearing a Facemask whilst working at a desk, attending a meeting or training in the studio is not compulsory, as our main focus is on social distancing and hygiene (cleaning of hands, kit, equipment and floors).

Hand hygiene
Hand sanitising stations will be in place across the building for staff and visitors.

All staff and visitors will be required to sanitise their hands immediately on arrival and regularly throughout their visit at the hand sanitising stations.

Social distancing
2m social distancing measures will be in place across the building, including meeting, kitchen and studio areas.

Changing area
Dancers will be encouraged to arrive in their training clothes and where possible leave the building in the same clothes.

There will be a designated changing area, which will adhere to social distancing and which will feature allocated space for each dancer to use to take off their shoes and leave any other belongings if needed.

Studio floor markings
In the studio, the temporary floor markings of 2m x 2m boxes, will define the space required per individual to move safely. Wherever possible, dancers will keep socially distanced and keep within the floor markings.

Class size
The maximum capacity in the large studio is 24 participants (there are 24 2m x 2m boxes).
When delivering class, to create space for teaching, the maximum participants is 18.

Air flow
We will ventilate the studios, main office, meeting rooms and kitchen, by keeping doors and windows open.

Food and drink
Staff and visitors will be encouraged to bring their own water bottles, and additional bottle of waters will be available on request.

Staff and visitors will be allowed to bring their own food, which they can eat in the designated eating area. The eating area will be cleaned before and after each lunch / dinner sitting.

Space hire
We will begin to open our spaces for hire very soon. We understand that as a venue, we are obliged to have carried out a risk assessment and to have carried out thorough cleaning.  Organisations and individuals hiring the space also need to carry out a risk assessment for their specific activities within the space.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 

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