Moving forwards

18 January 2021

We know it’s been a while, and times are tricky, but here at Chameleon, we’re feeling positive that better times are ahead.

Unfortunately, our dance studio and offices are still closed due to Covid. But we’re excited to announce that currently a new online dance programme is in the planning.

Through the programme we hope to bring the joy of dance into your home and we look forward to announcing more details soon.

In the meantime, our Co-Artistic Directors, Kevin and Anthony, are keen to say hello and wish you well with their own personal messages.

We also share some dance picks from the team for watching and taking part in dance online.

So, please read on and we’ll see you soon.

Hello from Kevin

“Hello and Happy New Year ! I hope that you all had a wonderful festive season, all things considering, and that you all managed to enjoy the holiday period.

With so many challenges surrounding us I am trying to focus my mind on the things that give me meaning and purpose. My family and the people and communities I work with.

I have started the new year with the passion and enthusiasm to make this year the best it can be! We are focusing on the future and planning on how we can best serve our community and continue to create and inspire with the work we do.

Movement is a great way to not only express your inner world but also to connect with yourself and develop your physical and mental fitness and wellbeing. Movement and dance has transformed my life and I have seen it transform others, so go on, whenever you can, have a dance in the kitchen or your front room! I am certain it will make you feel better. Keep an eye out for our programme and we hope it inspires. Until then be well and keep dancing…..Kevin

Hello from Anthony
“Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I’d hoped to be able to say this in person to our wonderful dancers, Youth Company members, Associate Artists and Freelancers, and to the many young people who we usually see in schools but who are currently beavering away learning from home.

I never thought I’d miss rolling around in school halls, squashing chips and peas underfoot, but I do miss this, and the delight of people making personal discoveries through physical creative practice.

It’s a really challenging time, but we’re getting closer to being able to remove the barrier of distance. I hope when this happens, we can genuinely “build back better”, and that many of the structural and social inequalities, disparities and things that hold people back or push people down are consigned to history along with Covid 19.

This is acutely in my mind as we plan out our upcoming work.

We’ll soon be announcing a new programme of activity to create opportunities for people of all ages, with and without dance experience.

One huge positive of this pandemic is the amount of free material available online for people to engage with – if there’s ever been a time to try something new for getting fit or blowing away stress by getting physical, it’s now.

If you’re anything like me then you’ve been glued to a screen for several hours of each day. My top tip for getting active is a simple one – set yourself a time limit and go for a walk. Or get up, put on a track that stirs your insides and have a little bop, no-one is watching anyway! Just remember to turn your Zoom off first……bye for now and take care, Anthony.”

Anthony’s dance pick
“A couple of months ago we sadly lost one of my personal hero’s, David Toole. If I could suggest something to watch, it’s this – click here.   Thank you Dave for the joy you brought to so many, for the inspiration and the laughs.”

Kevin’s dance pick
“I’ve had the pleasure in developing a lovely little series with the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield called Movement Mondays. In the series, I lead 5-minute dance tutorials for the mind, which are guaranteed to make you feel good in minutes!” Check out the vids on Facebook – click here

Juliana’s dance picks
“I’d love you to watch the 10-minute dance film Let’s Go, which I was involved in during lockdown.  Presented by I M Pact and co-created and directed by Sam Arbor and Yandass Ndlovu, the film brought together 40 freestyle dancers to breathe life back into eight different Manchester venues. Watch the film – click here.

You can also join me for classes online. I’ve been teaching live classes for professional level dancers as well as people with no dance experience. It’s been a joy to see people in their living rooms during lockdown, freeing their bodies and minds through movement.  Check out my schedule and click here.”

Image credit:
Film still – Juliana Javier in Let’s Go presented by I M Pact and co-created and directed by Sam Arbor and Yandass Ndlovu.

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