The Reawakening: Digital Pro Class is back!

4 February 2021

From studio to screen, live online, five days a week!

We’re delighted to announce a new series of Digital Pro Class and an opportunity for professional dancers to train live with Company Chameleon five days a week.

There will be 40 FREE classes over eight weeks, creating a well-rounded training programme to follow and improve your daily practice.

A different teacher will lead class each day, providing different voices and a mix of styles and focuses to push you forward.

For some this might be a reawakening after a break due to Covid – this is your route to returning to fitness and stepping back into what you do best!

For others, this might be about immediately stepping up, developing and advancing your practice.

Whatever your situation or your motivation, Chameleon will have your back, as we bring our vast global teaching experience to the floor and into your homes each morning.

We will go live via zoom at 10am each weekday – Monday to Friday from 8th February to 2nd April.  Classes are free of charge, but please note, booking is essential.

We can’t wait to reconnect with the dance community and look forward to seeing you on screen from our studio in Openshaw, Manchester.

In the meantime, we’re proud to introduce our teaching team and the line-up of what to expect from the programme.

Mondays with Juliana
“My class will get you connected to your body through core strengthening exercises and stretches. I’ll lead you through sequences that ignite your entire body to explore different dynamics, challenge your strength and musicality. The class will end with a final phrase that will leave you feeling connected to your body, sweaty and joyful!”

Tuesdays with Gemma
“Drawing upon my experiences as a professional dancer with companies including Rambert, The Royal Ballet and Company Chameleon, my class is a dynamic Cunningham-based technique class using muscularity and release to achieve strength and fluidity.  As well as working on the articulation of the spine and postural alignment, this class focuses on the ability to switch quickly and efficiently between being upright and strong, and weighted down into the floor.”

Wednesdays with Alice
“I’ll be leading Fitness for Dancers, an hour-long training session designed to support dancers’ physical preparation. These high intensity, fast paced workouts will combine strength and cardiovascular elements and motor, balance and coordination exercises, providing an all-round functional contribution to your day-to-day training regime.”

Thursdays with Dave
“Find flow whilst rooting down! In my class you will work with a complex movement language which aims to enrich your relationship with the floor.  The class emphasises fluidity, while handling intricate functions for moving with, as well as in and out of the ground.”

Guest Fridays
The Friday sessions draw upon the experience of both Artistic Directors and some of Chameleons most long-standing collaborators.

Along with classes from our Artistic Directors, Anthony and Kevin, Guest Fridays will include appearances from Lee Clayden, Gustavo Oliveira and Thom Gulgec.

With combined professional experience of over 80 years with different companies, across the world, boasting different styles and philosophies, these sessions will offer invaluable insights and springboards for progression.

Class with Gustavo (Friday 12 February and Friday 12 March)
“Finding your balance and swing are key points in my class. Warming up with technically intricate floor combinations we work our way through the class with demanding pirouette exercises, across the floor arm work/floorwork skills, finishing with a dynamic routine to combine all learned. Ready for the challenge?”

Class with Thom (Friday 19 February & Friday 19 March)
“My class is about balancing the relationships within our physical bodies and the occupied space; a feeling of our environment moving us and us moving it. Places of interest are fluidity of presence and structure within unpredictability. These sensations are explored through focused improvisation and dynamic movement forms before stretching out and powering down.”

Class with Kevin (Friday 26 February)
“In my class, I will draw inspiration from the diverse approaches and techniques that I’ve explored through my professional practice. From directed improvisations that develop awareness and articulation, to floor-based material and complex, dense movement phrases that will engage and challenge you with its diversity of approaches.”

Class with Anthony (Friday 5 March)
“My class focuses on body conditioning, with a series of exercises that build core and upper body strength. Movement sequences focus on dynamic shifts, finding fluidity, efficiency and softness whilst still generating expansive movement.”

Friday 26 March: teacher to be confirmed.


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