Keeping safe this Autumn

30 September 2021

Covid Compliance Autumn 2021
If you are visiting Company Chameleon, we would greatly appreciate your help in demonstrating good Covid compliance within our building, studios and workspaces.

Our approach
Despite the relaxing of restrictions and the withdrawal of legal requirements to maintain social distancing, and the wearing of face coverings, the transmission of Covid still remains a foreseeable risk.

In order to reduce the risk of transmission and to protect our vistiors and colleagues, we have a number of control measures in place in our buildings which include;

  • Encouraging staff/regular visitors to carry out twice weekly lateral flow tests
  • Encouraging good hand and respiratory hygiene – sanitiser is available around the building
  • The wearing of face coverings for anyone in our buildings – when moving around public areas and where it is not possible to maintain 2m distancing
  • Encouraging windows to be open to improve ventilation

Please can you help us minimise the transmission of Covid by complying with these measures.



Company Chameleon’s COVID Safety Policy aims to protect the staff and visitors by mitigating the risk of transmission of the virus. The guidelines are informed by One Dance UK and government guidance. In the dance studio, Company Chameleon will mitigate the risks related to COVID 19 by maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

The Company Chameleon team are committed to creating a safe environment to enjoy dance and will do so by following our COVID Safety Policy which all staff have been briefed on. If you have any questions about our COVID Safety Policy and how we plan to keep our staff and visitors safe then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  1. Cleaning
    1.1 We will continue with an additional cleaning programme, which will be designed to clean and sanitise the high touch points within the building.
    1.2 We will allow sufficient break time between classes held in studios and appropriately clean studio and equipment between each group / class.
  2. Arrival
    2.1 We strongly encourage you to take a lateral flow test within 24 hours of the workshop’s start time.
    2.2 Please make sure you are wearing a face covering unless exempt.
    2.3 To avoid any congestion, visitors will enter the building one at a time.
    2.4 Due to Covid restrictions, we are limiting the number of people allowed in the building at one time. This means that parents/carers will not be permitted to enter the studio and therefore young people must be dropped off and collected at the entrance where they will be supervised by a member of staff.
  3. What to bring
    3.1 We are encouraging all participants to arrive ready in their dance wear as our changing facilities are currently closed. Please wear clothing that you feel comfortable moving in (e.g. t-shirt and joggers plus additional warmer layers, no shoes required).
    3.2 Please bring plenty of water in your own labelled water bottle.
    3.3 Face coverings are to be worn upon arrival and departure and when travelling around the building but are not compulsory when we begin working practically.

Thank you for your support in helping us keep our team and visitors safe. In line government and One Dane UK guidelines, we will be reviewing and updating the policy on a regular basis, so please check back on this page to keep up to date with changes.

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