Reflections with Alice

29 June 2022

This week, we said a sad goodbye to Alice Marriott, our Apprentice Dancer who has been with us since September as part of the NSCD apprenticeship scheme. Here we reflect and talk to Alice about her experience with us.

Alice grew up in Hong Kong and Singapore, where she began her dance training. She continued her training at the NSCD, graduating with a first-class degree, before joining Chameleon as an Apprentice.


What’s the most rewarding thing about working in a dance company as a collective?
One of the most rewarding things I’ve taken away from this experience is the connection I’ve made with the people around me. As a group we have created a space which is safe and honest. Bouncing off everyone’s individual energy has been creatively nourishing and inspiring.

When working on The Shadow, I enjoyed learning more about Anthony’s research into Carl Jung’s theory of our shadow selves.  It was amazing to be in a space that allowed us to share insight and experiences around the repressed tendencies we hold in our identities.

The piece awoke a free spirit in me that tapped into my personal sense of play and identity!

What did you enjoy about taking The Shadow on tour?
Every time we performed it felt like a fresh show as Anthony encouraged the shift of dynamics, choices, and feelings on stage.

Taking The Shadow on tour felt exciting and unpredictable. The show holds endless possibilities which feed genuine reactions and behaviours on stage.

The antics on stage during the unadapted scene is just great every time – it’s not often that you are given the space to genuinely laugh out loud during a duet.

What will you take away from your Chameleon Apprentice experience?
Chameleon has shown me how cultivating spaces of trust can be one of the biggest motivators of creative integrity and encouragers of artistic progress.

I definitely want to carry this ethos of inclusivity and support with me, and to hold close the good friends I’ve made on this Chameleon adventure.

What’s next for you?
The plan is to fully embrace freelance life (!) and to continue the journey of creating, collaborating, and connecting with people through movement and dance film.


Thank you, Alice, we will miss you!

Before Alice left, we were delighted to offer Alice a professional opportunity at Birmingham International Dance Festival.

Representing Chameleon, Alice performed the duet Void choreographed by Kevin Edward Turner, with our Company Dancer, David Colley.

Kevin said: “What’s lovely about the way we work with apprentices, is that we support the dancers to develop, feel confident and strengthen the skills they need to succeed as emerging dance artists. Alice has come on and developed so much in the time we’ve worked together. It was wonderful to see her perform in a professional capacity and as a Chameleon in Birmingham.”

Watch the video below showcasing Alice’s movement style.

Images from Birmingham Dance International Festival (BIDF): photographer Ciara Clayton

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