Hand-painting Push

30 June 2022

As part of the refurbishment of our home dance space, we commissioned mural artist, Alex Cullen, to create a mural of Push in the welcome area.

Created over 10 years ago, Push is a joint choreography by Kevin and Anthony. As both our classic and signature outdoor creation, which is still touring today, a visual of Push makes the perfect welcome piece to greet visitors to our dance studios.

We love Alex’s interpretation and wanted to find out more about him and his creative approach. We do that here in this Q&A.


Hey Alex, how do you describe what you do?
I would call myself a mural artist. I enjoy painting bold and abstract ideas as big as possible.

What you do is pretty awesome. How did you get into painting and creating on walls?
I was inspired by my cousin and father who were both illustrators.

I’ve always been into drawing when I was younger but my graphic design course at University helped me push my artistic ideas.

That’s when I started to hand paint designs and ideas instead of just creating them on a computer.

Eventually, over lockdown, I got myself a scissor lift license and managed to start working for a hand-painted advertisement agency.

Why is creativity important to you?
I feel that creativity helps keep you productive, boosts your confidence, and helps clarify your thoughts and feelings. It makes life interesting and fulfilling.

Tell us a juicy memory from doing what you do?
Sadly nothing juicy. I am colourblind which can often lead to some interesting and creative results.

What artwork are you most proud of and why?
I painted a floor mural on a skatepark Bootle, Liverpool. It was a challenging few days but ended up with great results.

I’ve been involved with some hand-painted advertising that I’m really proud of, although it is temporary advertising.

For me, it’s photo-realism and large-scale work, the stuff that challenges me. It helps me try new artistic techniques which I would otherwise never have thought of.

What do you hope the mural you’ve created for Chameleon gives to the building?
A warm welcome to the building and an insight into what Company Chameleon do.


Thank you, Alex. We enjoyed that and we love your mural!
Follow Alex on Instagram at alex_cullen.
Watch the little vid of Alex painting the mural below.

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Thank you to everyone who comes to watch us perform and for all your wonderful comments and feedback!