Summer of movement

16 June 2022

They say a picture tells a thousand words. This was kind of does.

In the photo, we’re performing Push at La Strada festival in Bremen, Germany, last week.

Our first international performance at a summer festival in over two years. The first performance of 25 performances booked for this year’s Summer Tour, with more to come.

Touring is at the heart of Company Chameleon. Going out there. Getting our work seen. Meeting people, engaging different audiences and creating conversation through movement.

This is why there’s a buzz in the building at the moment. The last two years have stifled us and we’ve felt limited. Touring again feels like we’re breathing new life into the Company.

Our Co-Director, Anthony, explains, “We learn such a great deal from travel and work in different cultural contexts. We’re exposed to new and different types of practice and performance, and this informs the work we make. It also reminds us of what is universal and shared.

This is why we’re absolutely delighted to be back to international touring after such a long pause. Over the years we’ve been throughout Europe, in different parts of Africa, South Korea and the Caribbean.

Sharing the work we make, feeling the impact it has on audiences, and flying the flag for Manchester is what we love doing.

This summer, we’re so pleased to be touring four different works, including our early outdoor creation, Push, and premiering what’s completely new – Umbra, keep a look out!”

Made in 2012 and a joint choreography by Anthony and Kevin, Push, explores male dynamics and is a classic outdoor performance piece, still touring 10 years after its creation.

Umbra is Anthony’s new outdoor trio, which looks at the sources of light and darkness within us.

Void, a duet created by Kevin last year, looks at the space created by the pandemic, and what went into that space – both good and bad.

Amaranthine is a duet, choreographed by Kevin Edward Turner and Navala ‘Niku’ Chaudhari, following a couple in conflict as they try to reconnect.

Our Co-Director, Kevin said: “It’s wonderful for the Company to be back taking our work out into the world. Sharing our practice and performances internationally and bringing those experiences back home to Manchester.

It’s great to see the world opening up again after all that has happened. It’s important for us all to share in these cultural, creative and artistic experiences that give us so much and make our lives fulfilled.”

Anthony adds, “Touring internationally has given Chameleon the opportunity to build our international profile.

This became really apparent during lockdown when we had so many international guests, on different time zones, follow and join us for daily online professional class.

Every audition we run attracts dancers from around the world. We get messages of support from all over. The international  element of our work is part of the fabric of Chameleon, and we hope it only gets stronger.”

We’d love to see you at a performance this summer.
Check out our Tour Dates page to see where we’re performing.
More dates on their way.

Photo credit: Kay Michalak (Company Dancer, David Colley and Associate Dance Artist, Reece Marshall)

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Thank you to everyone who comes to watch us perform and for all your wonderful comments and feedback!