New ways in creative health

25 September 2023

We’re delighted to welcome Ros Norford to the Chameleon team to lead on Myriad.

A new project, MYRIAD creates the opportunity for people who are part of the global majority, and who work in the creative industries, to develop their skills in creative health.

1) MYRIAD sounds like a brilliant project – tell us more Ros!

 is about creating new connections and building towards a strong, diverse and equipped creative health industry.

The project has grown from the deep-rooted inequalities within our mental health care system and seeks to create new pathways for people from the global majority to access mental health care and to also work within the sector. 

2) What is creative health and why is it important? 

Creative Health is about nurturing health and wellbeing through the power of creativity. This might be through music, visual art, crafts, dance or other creative activities. 

The notion that art has the power to support our wellbeing is something that spans across many different cultures and has gone on for many years. The importance of creative health can be found in the way it empowers communities through connections, learning and growth.  

3) Who is MYRIAD for? 

The project is for anyone from the global majority working in the creative industries who might be interested in learning more about how we can promote
health and wellbeing through the power of creativity.

Whether you’re a musician who has been working with communities for years or an emerging visual artist interested in where you can take your skillset. This project aims to create a creative health workforce that reflects the diverse city that we live in.  

4) How will people benefit from MYRIAD?  

The project gives global majority creative practitioners the opportunity to shape the training, support and development that they need to create a fair, equal and healthy Greater Manchester.

This training could be a new placement opportunity within a healthcare setting, allowing creative practitioners to work alongside medical professionals. Or the benefit might look like a bursary for creative practitioners to upskill and promote their work in a new remit.

Another benefit is the sustainable deep rooted network that will grow from this project where creative practitioners will be able to connect with others working in creative health.

 5) What does MYRIAD hope to achieve? 

 hopes to see a new wave of global majority creative health practitioners skilled and equipped to work within the diverse towns and cities that make up Greater Manchester.

The project will:

  • Forge new connections between the arts and health industries.
  • Create new opportunities for training, placements and bursaries.
  • Nurture a strong network of global majority practitioners, which will exist both on the ground and online as a space to collaborate and share knowledge.

6) How can people get involved? 

The project will be offering loads of different ways for people engage including; networking events, training, professional accreditation, work experience, peer support mentoring, supervision, online network groups. 

The first way to get involved in by completing an expression of interest form: 

You can also email me at 

We’d also love to see you at the first MYRIAD Networking event on Tue 14 Nov, 2pm – 5pm at Company Chameleon. Find out more and book a ticket here.

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