Create in the Indian jungle!

20 November 2023

Our Co-Artistic Director, Kevin, has been invited to teach at the Kalakeli Movement Arts in India early next year, and if you’re a dance or movement artist interested in deepening your practice, then you can join him!

Kevin tells us more about the unique opportunity to be part of Kalakeli 2024.

Hi Kev, who is the Kalakeli Movement Arts for?
The intensive is for curious and adventurous dance and movement artists who are interested in developing and deepening their practice in the beautiful surroundings of Arambol Goa.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow creative and curious souls, to feel part of a global community, to make new friends and collaborative connections.

All the brilliant activity is framed by the spirit and ethos of the residency, which for me is demonstrated by the support, care and love given to everyone to develop and take their practice to the next level.

This is your third year at Kalakeli, why are you looking forward to returning?
There is an amazing magic at Kalakeli, it’s a very special place. It brings together creative and artistic individuals from across the globe to research and develop their movement practice through a meaningful and unforgettable experience.

Where the intensive takes place at Jungle Dance, there is a wonderful atmosphere and energy. We all get to dance, move and create in the lush surroundings of the Indian jungle. The natural beauty of the place is so inspiring. It really is a glorious experience.

What type of impact can a Kalakeli intensive experience have on you and your development / dance career?
It can have a significant impact on your development and career.

You are in a beautiful and enriching environment surrounded by liked minded individuals who are there to move, learn, grow and play.

With this kind of environment, energy and intention it is not only your practice that will develop but also you as a person, thinker and collaborator.

Looking back, what’s your favourite memory from Kalakeli so far?
One of my favourite memories of Kalakeli was when we went to the beach for sunrise and did a fantastic yoga practice.

It was such an exhilarating feeling to practice Yoga on the beach as the sun came up.

This makes me think of the counter point to that, most evenings the teachers and students would go to the beach for sunset, and we would all dance and improvise together as the sun went down.

I will always remember these experiences.

Are you a dance or movement artist who would like to deepen and develop your practice?

Find out more about Kalakeli Movement Arts and register your interest here to take part in the intensive.
Deadline to apply: 1st December 2023


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