The Right Step

10 July 2024

Kadafi Mulula joined Company Chameleon in 2021 as the first Apprentice Dancer on Chameleon’s Apprenticeship Scheme.

Following Kadafi’s two-year apprenticeship with us, we’re delighted to announce that Kadafi is staying at Chameleon and stepping up into the role of Company Dancer.

Our Co-Artistic Director, Anthony says, “I first came across Kadafi whilst shortlisting for a new Apprentice to join the Company.

This fell during lockdown, back in February 2021, so it wasn’t the usual process for us. His first introduction was via a video he’d recorded of himself, which shared a solo he’d created, and which demonstrated his classical and contemporary technique.

It was clear even from the video that Kadafi had huge potential and that he just needed the right environment and training to grow and develop. Since joining us in the September of that year, his progress has been simply astounding.”

Our Co-Artistic Director, Kevin says, “When Kadafi joined us, he was a young artist with huge talent and huge potential. Since then, watching him develop over his two-year Apprenticeship with Company Chameleon has been a privilege and a joy.

Through his hard work, passion, dedication and force of will, he has taken on every challenge and opportunity to progress rapidly and optimise his art, creativity and performance.”

Anthony adds, “Kadafi works tirelessly, pushing every day to be the best he can be. His determination is exemplary, and I couldn’t feel more proud to have been part of his journey in becoming the extraordinary performer that he is.

Kadafi had a big step-up moment when he moved into a major role in The Shadow. Here he held his own performing alongside those who I consider the best in UK dance, Thomasin Gülgeç and Lee Clayden.”

Kevin says, “Similarly, when working with Kadafi on Refuse, I saw all the skills he’d been working on and developing, such as his physicality and performance quality, manifest and come to fruition, and this was a joy to see.

His understanding of himself, his craft, the nuances, details and layers of his practice have massively developed. He is now operating in another dimension of depth and artistry.”

Anthony continues to say, “Kadafi is one of the original cast members for Umbra (trailer below), an outdoor creation, which we’ve toured extensively throughout Europe.

There is a section in Umbra that includes a solo he created. Every time I see the solo performed, I find myself moved and turn my head to see others in the audience emotionally responding.

As a performer, Kadafi is captivating, relatable, and able to demonstrate the things that connect us as human beings. This is exactly what we’ve set out to share at Company Chameleon, and I thank him for the experiences he has given to so many so far.”

Kevin concludes, “Kadafi has achieved so much in his time with us, from being an inspiring, engaging facilitator to an inspiring, engaging, creative, articulate and charismatic performer.  When Kadafi is performing you watch him, you have no other choice but to watch him.

There is no doubt Kadafi is a Chameleon! I look forward to seeing where Kadafi will take his practice, with the pathway he is on – the sky is the limit!”

Reflecting on this next step, Kadafi said, “When I started my journey into the dance industry, I said my dream is to be with a dance company that tours nationally and internationally around the world and to work from a place that feels like home. At Chameleon I can honestly and deeply say I’ve found my dream!

The two-year apprenticeship at Chameleon allowed me to grow as an artist and individual and with this preparation in place, I feel ready and excited about stepping up into the role as Company Dancer.”

Could you follow in the footsteps of Kadafi and be our next Apprentice Company Dancer?

We will announce the next opportunity to apply for our Apprentice Scheme in November.

The next placement will run from summer 2025 to summer 2027, and is open to dancers, age 21+, who are passionate about the artform and who can demonstrate a high level of commitment to their dance training and development so far.

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