Foundations & Phrases | 18 Apr – 16 May 2024

20 March 2024

Company Chameleon presents

A fun and physical contemporary dance class for adults.

Whether you want to reignite your passion for dance, reconnect with your body through movement or simply enjoy a fun and energising workout, our adult dance class offers something for everyone.  

Led by Associate Artist, Sara Marques, Foundations & Phrases offers a friendly introduction to contemporary dance.  

Along with developing your dance skills and feeling good through movement, you’ll learn the fundamentals of contemporary dance practice with a focus on technique, vocabulary and phrases. 

What to expect, there are four parts to class:

Warm-up: Class begins warming up your body for movement. Expect stretching exercises for flexibility, cardiovascular exercises to increase your heart rate and movement to align and ground your body.  

Foundational Techniques: We’ll introduce you to the different techniques that form the foundation of the practice, which draw from a rich mix of movement styles. Expect to learn movement vocabulary and explore basic techniques such as releases, spirals and floor work.

Learning Choreographic Phrases: You’ll learn choreographic phrases – think dance sequences or routines. From simple movement combinations to more complex phrases that challenge coordination and musicality, expect your creativity to be fired-up through movement.

Cool-down: Cool-down involves gentle movement, stretching and breathing to help you leave class feeling calm and positive in mind and body. 

Booking & info
Thursdays: 18 April – 16 May
Company Chameleon, Barrass Street, M11 1PU
Cost: £6

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More about Sara, your class teacher.

Sara trained in contemporary dance at the Balleteatro Professional School in Porto, Portugal, before joining the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) in Leeds, where she graduated with a 1st class honours degree.  

In 2017, Sara auditioned to work with Company Chameleon through the NSCD postgraduate apprentice scheme – she was successful and her partnership with Chameleon began. As well as training as an Apprentice with the Company, Sara has performed and toured internationally with Chameleon, and as an Associate Artist plays an important role in our learning and participation team. 

Sara leads The Saturday Sessions, our weekly classes for young people and has recently worked with our Co-Director, Kevin to deliver Deep Flow for Factory International.  

Sara is co-creator of Damae Dance (pictured below), which she set up with fellow dance artist, Alice Bonazzi in 2018. As Damae, Sara has co-created, performed and toured work to outdoor dance festivals including Greenwich International Dance Festival, DepfordX Fringe and CIDADE+CORPO in Portugal. 

Photo credits: main image – Joel Chester Fildes | Damae Dance: Daniel Phung 

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