Midweek Moves with Lily | 17 Jan – 14 Feb 2024

9 January 2024

At Midweek Moves, we hand over our studio to a guest artist to deliver a dance class on Wednesday evenings.

We’re delighted to welcome Lily to deliver the first round of Midweek Moves in 2024. Lily’s class will focus on  contact improvisation. These sessions are open level, everyone is welcome.

About Lily’s class
A chance to play, explore, witness and create.

Contact improvisation offers movers the chance to explore dance, partner and group work through improvised movement.

The sessions will provide people with valuable tools for enhancing physical and spatial awareness, developing relational intelligence, creating connection and deepening listening as a practice.

Over the weeks we will delve deep into the principles of contact improvisation through a technical, enjoyable and functional approach. Learning to navigate the body in space as well as in relation to others.

The sessions will focus on the principles of weight sharing, flying and falling, spirals, momentum, leading and following through engaging exercises.

Each week will conclude with a short Jam, providing a space to integrate learned techniques into an open dance.

About Lily:

Lily is a movement artist and performer specialising in contemporary dance and contact improvisation. Lily trained at Trinity Laban and has since worked as a freelance artist, performing works by renowned choreographers across the UK and internationally, as well as delivering workshops and teaching.

With an interest in flow state, somatics, and play Lily draws on various practices within their art. Their approach to contact improvisation brings the technical and the explorative, creating a space for everyone to experience and enjoy moving.


Wednesdays: 17 Jan – 14 Feb, 6:30-8:30pm
Company Chameleon, 6 Barrass Street, Openshaw, Manchester, M11 1PU


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