Summer Professional Intensive led by Anthony Missen

28 June 2016

Company Chameleon is delighted to announce its first summer intensive for professional dance artists in its home city of Manchester, UK, at the international arts venue of HOME.

Led by our Co-Artistic Director, Anthony Missen, the intensive will unpick and share some of the techniques, methods and approaches used by Anthony and the company in the development of their choreographic works.

Participants will also explore some of the innovative and rich movement language that informs Chameleon’s theatre and outdoor work.

Each day will begin with a 90-minute class, to include a mix of conditioning, floor-work, improvisation and movement sequences, that will test participants physically, and introduce them to some of the training methods Chameleon employ to ready the company for the rigour of their work.

Each day will focus on different areas of practice.

Day One- Contact improvisation and skills

Exploring sensitivity and trust when working with a partner, quality of touch, safe and dynamic transfers of weight.

Day Two- Improvisation and creative development

Exploring some of the generative tools, exercises, and choreographic approaches used by the company. This will include a focus on how we use the space.

Day Three- Bringing theatre to dance

Explores how we move beyond aesthetic, how movement can be used to communicate and tell a story. This day will look at character development, and explore some of the discoveries Anthony has made in his work as a Movement Director.

Booking & Info
Mon 1 – Weds 3 Aug 2016, 10am – 6pm
HOME, Manchester, UK
Course cost: £125


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