Easter moves

20 March 2017

This Easter, Company Chameleon is proud to present Easter Moves, three dance theatre workshops for beginners to advanced. 

After touring the UK with our production, Witness, we present a unique opportunity to explore the piece in our home city of Manchester through workshops with director, Kevin Edward Turner.

Through warm-ups, creative tasks and exercises, you’ll work with Kevin to get up close to Witnessand find out more about the inspiring and original movement language that makes Chameleon’s style unique.

There are three full day workshops for different levels.

Workshop no.1
Mon 10 Apr: Age 10 – 13 (All levels)

Using the Puppet scene from Witness as inspiration and the creative starting point for the workshop, you’ll explore how it feels to be an object that is moved and controlled by another. Through partner, floor work and different movement styles, you’ll explore how best to communicate the idea and meaning of the scene through a range of performance techniques.

Workshop no.2
Tues 11 Apr: Age 14 – 17 (All levels)
OUTLOUD: mixing movement with spoken word


Suitable for dancers and non-dancers alike, this day offers a brilliant introduction to vocal work and how to use text with movement, and movement with text.  Working with a section of text from Witness, and through fun and creative tasks, you’ll explore inflection and intonation of the voice, translating text into movement and playing with sentence and sound structure to create something new.

Workshop no.3
Weds 12 Apr: Age 18+ (Intermediate/advanced)

First created on Spanish contemporary ballet company LaMov, Words Unspoken, the opening piece in Witness, combines Chameleon’s highly physical style with more traditional movement. Focusing on learning repertory from Words Unspoken, this fast paced and dynamic workshop, promises to be physically challenging, technically demanding and creatively inspiring.

Workshop no 1: PUPPET | Age 10 – 13 (All levels) | Mon 10 Apr | 10am- 3:30pm | Z-Arts, Manchester | Cost £15

Workshop no 2: OUTLOUD| Age 14 – 17 (All levels) | Tues 11 Apr | 10am- 3:30pm | Z-Arts, Manchester| Cost £15

Workshop no 3: WORDS UNSPOKEN | Age 18+ (Intermediate/advanced) | Weds 12 Apr | 10am- 3:30pm | Z-Arts, Manchester | Cost £25


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