Consumed with The Men’s Room

9 August 2023

Over the summer, Kevin, our Co-Artistic Director, has been working with The Men’s Room to create Consumed, a short dance and movement piece exploring relationships, and how we might find ourselves ‘playing with fire’ in our human interactions.

Kevin tells us more the project and the forthcoming performance.

Hi Kev, tell us more about the project.
The Men’s Room commissioned me to create a dance and movement performance called “Consumed” that explores the idea of “playing with fire”. I am exploring the notion of “playing with fire” from a relationship perspective and how relationships can consume us.

The Men’s Room are an incredible charity that do amazing work with male, non-binary and trans sex workers. I feel privileged to be working with them and their participants and I’m enjoying the creative process with them.

What have you learnt through the project?
I’ve learned lots from the project, the compassion and bravery of the participants is truly inspiring. Finding ways for individuals to access their creativity and express their experiences is always a humbling and rewarding experience.

The solidarity and support the participants show one another is lovely.

I think I’m learning to be a better human working with these incredible people.

What message do you hope the performance shares?
I hope that the performance moves and inspires people, to reflect on their own experiences and lives. I hope that a message of hope and solidarity can be shared in the performance.

What can people expect from the performance?
They can expect a movement and dance performance that is visceral, emotive and evocative, and a performance that is honest, authentic and above all else, brave. Do come along if you can, we’d love to see you there.

Tickets & info


At The Den in Beswick (part of the Royal Exchange Theatre)
On Thursday 17 August, 2023, at 7pm
Tickets £1
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Find out more about The Men’s Room here.


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